Burbank Carlton 206 Drysdale Facade Image Home and Land Package

Looking for a Home and Land Package with FREE Fixed Site Costs?

Burbank has you covered – offering this exclusive Home & Land Package for Opalia Buyers.

Calling all First Home Buyers.

Did you know, site costs can add-up and are often an additional cost to advetised home and land packages. They are not necessarily hidden costs and are applicable to all vacant land but as a First Home Buyer do you know what to ask for?  Burbank and Opalia are proud to present this one-off 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom 2 car garage house and land package – with FREE Fixed Site Costs all from just $508K.

Download Home and Land Package Flyer – click here

Don’t think you qualify for a home loan?

We want to hear from you. Updates to bank lending legislation might affect those that previously did not qualify for a home loan.
Getting into your own home may be a lot closer than you think. Oliver Hume’s in house team can give you the information and know-how – get in touch today and ask us how.

For more information come and visit Sree at the Opalia Land Sales Office – 179 Exford Road, Weir Views.

Opalia Land Sales Office is located at 179 Exford Road, Weir Views and is open Saturdays – Thursday, from 11am to 5.00pm.

(Closed Fridays)